Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should my child see the Predicative Dentist for the 1st visit?

As soon as the 1st incisors erupt into the mouth.

2. Why fix “baby teeth? Aren’t they going to fall out anyway?

The last primary teeth don’t fall out until age 11 or 12. By then, cavities can be so advanced that the teeth abscess. We don’t want to allow the situation to deteriorate to a “toothache” or premature loss of teeth.

3. If the “Baby” teeth are lost or extracted, won’t a new tooth take its place?

Premature loss of primary teeth requires space maintenance. Often the permanent successor will take years to erupt.

4. Why bother with Space Maintenance?

The permanent dentition needs proper space to allow its eruption.

5. What is the best Space Maintainer?

I have always felt that the tooth itself is the best space maintainer. So, saving the primary teeth is much preferable over extracting them!

6. What are sealants and do you recommend them?

Sealants are a plastic material placed in the “grooves” of permanent molars (& pre-molars) to prevent decay. We highly recommend sealing permanent molars.

7. Do you do Orthodontics in your office?

Yes, we do. Interceptive orthodontics includes early intervention for such things as harmful habits (ie. Thumb or finger-sucking), or anterior or posterior Crossbites when teeth are at risk from trauma, sports, etc. Comprehensive orthodontics is implemented later in the mixed dentition. We utilize edgewise fixed appliances to correct malocclusions in the permanent dentition.

8. Do you recommend 2 PHASE orthodontics?

In general, no. We like to begin treatment at the individual’s optimal dental age, so that the braces will be on for the minimal period of time.

9. Do you offer tooth “whitening”?

Yes, there are many methods of whitening available. The one we utilize most frequently is home bleaching trays. Again, this is optional, depending on the patient.

10. How do you treat very young or apprehensive patients?

We have a number of Pre-medication options available to make dental treatment easier on the young or apprehensive patient.

11. Does your office accept my Dental Insurance?

We accept all “Freedom of choice” policies. We accept most P.P.O. programs. We accept HMO patients on a referral-only basis.

12. Why would we choose to go to a Pediatric Dentist instead of a Family Dentist?

Pediatric Dentists received two more years of special training and are knowledgeable in all aspects of dentistry for children.